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Decorative and textured plaster significant steps in finish works of rooms

6th October 2012 | рубрика Bathroom design Refurbishing flats

Newly decorated rooms is not less significant step to make a cozy and comfortable in your home, rooms, department. Without changing the layout of the room, but alone changing the appearance of any rooms with a plywood wallpaper, decking replacement and plant of additional light sources can completely change the atmosphere in the apartment to [...]

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A some some our service

3rd October 2012 Refurbishing flats

Evolution. We provide all development services: growth houses, building of cottages of brick construction of houses made of beams, frame development, the growth of baths, as right as the renovations of old houses and buildings. Crews working in our company – professional experts with experience, honest and decent performers. Maintenance and decoration. Repairs and finishing [...]

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Wall tiles for sanitary cabin

30th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

The most common form of maintenance toilet walls is lined with ceramic wall tiles. In the growth market presents a huge range of wash tiles and its diversity is so broad however to choose the one that is rightly for you is quite problematic. The variety of sizes, shapes and textures puzzle even those who, [...]

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Floor tile Bath

28th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

To chtobypredstavit lavatory of your dreams do not get to be an artist ilidizaynerom, just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a warm, cozy and lovely place. Bathroom will meet all Vashimtrebovaniyam if it is a capacity overhaul, pravilnopodobrav accessories. Repairs in the restroom, of course, begins spodbora wall tiles. Tiles for vannoykomnaty, for [...]

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Style styling of the restroom

20th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

However, friends, we continue to turn our home into a cozy and fashionable nest. Must be noted that in the process of shopping building materials, plumbing and furniture, I had an irresistible urge to buy and equip at bedroom (5 items), living apartment (3 pcs), cook room and hallways – no account. Well that friends [...]

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Where to start repair?

19th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Renovation of apartments with their own hand: do we start? If you do not know where to start renovation apartments beginning from the “beginning”. In our case – do a list of required progress materials, tools and action. You can then re-create the big picture and create a phased outline for the upcoming arrangement of [...]

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Styling and color restroom

19th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

One of the room that we normally visit during the day – it is a restroom. It plays a big role in making our mood – the morning before work, in the evening earlier bedtime. That is why the styling of the toilet want be given enough attention. Pondering styling bathroom, consider that the bathroom [...]

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What is the perfect washroom?

18th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Of course, every woman wants to represent, comfortably, imagine the perfect rehabilitation in the washroom. And, by the way, seriously come up, can even schedule the way, will be settled floor tile. And all because the mattresses Kiev has along bought and presently it is indispensable to polish up the washroom. Alone for some reason, [...]

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Step by step overhaul plan in the bathroom

13th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

And do not say, probably the most difficult maintenance falls exactly on the toilet. It is not just a little placement with capacity for a bathroom furniture. It also focuses the main bathroom apartment. Therefore decided to change something in this apartment are not interchangeable, you should first fully detailed figure out what want go [...]

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